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Bill Weinman on · iOS 4: Building Data Driven Applications

Bill Weinman's iOS 4: Building Data Driven Applications is a course covering programming techniques for delivering high-quality data-driven applications on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch platforms.


The application in the course uses a few small libraries that I wrote, including BWUtilities, BWDB, and RSSDB. Occasionally I may update these libraries while maintaining compatibility. The latest versions are here:

Asking for help

I strive to provide the best courses I can and I want to help you succeed in your learning adventure. I will do everything I can to help you, with the information and resources I have available.

The best way to ask for help is through the help request form. The help system is designed to handle your support request quickly and efficiently. If necessary, they will contact me and I will provide support through their system.

Please do not contact me directly for help with a course.

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