What’s up these days?

BW Headshot 2021-04-21

Learn to use SQL in Python or C++ with these new titles on Linkedin Learning – SQL with Python and SQL with C++!

Most of my work over the past few years has been producing courses for lynda.com😢 Linkedin Learning. I am currently writing a book on the C++ STL for Packt Publishing, and in my alleged spare time, I’m writing a SciFi novel.

Bill’s Courses

C++ code

You can learn more about my courses here, or by clicking on the menu item above. I have titles on SQL, Python, and C++.

Bill’s Blahg


I also write about stuff when I feel like it. I write about technology. Sometimes I make music. Sometimes I make political videos. Kids today call this “creating”. I just like to make interesting things.

Future Plans

I’ve got a lot of things on the fire right now (like revamping this web site!). Register here for updates. Who knows, maybe I’ll start a newsletter at some point!