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updated 20 December 2014

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Bill Weinman

Bill Weinman is a programmer, author, musician, and technologist, in no particular order. See Bill's biography and his résumé/CV for more information.

Note: This web site is very old and seriously out-of-date. I'm working on it. I swear! Courses [FAQ]

Bill is currently writing and delivering online courses for, the premier source for online training. Some of his courses include:

If you have questions or comments about any of Bill's courses on, please read the FAQ before writing to him about them.

Contract Programming

After more than 30 years of working on long-term projects Bill has shifted his focus to smaller jobs to better support his writing and open-source projects.

Please feel free to contact Bill with your small project needs.

BW Whois

BW Whois is Bill's open-source whois client. Originally released in December 1999, and still in active development, BW Whois has evolved into a full-featured command-line/web client with rich security features, caching and database support.

Books and Writings

Mr. Weinman has written five books, including The CGI Book and, with his sister Lynda, Creative HTML Design. He has contributed to other books on programming and web design and has written articles for various computer-related periodicals. Recently his writing has been focused on developing courseware for


AMTP (Authenticated Mail Transfer Protocol) is Bill's solution to the SPAM problem. See the AMTP web site for more information.

Bill's Music

Bill is an extremely talented guitarist and composer. While he has been focused on non-music pursuits of late, you can always hear and download his music here.


BearHeart is Bill's spiritual alter-ego. He is studying native american shamanic medicine and has aspirations of becoming a teacher in the Sweet Medicine Sundance path. BearHeart has recently begun a blog.


Bill occasionally scribbles in his blog.

NOTE: Because of Bill's bw-whois program, some people seem to think that he has some control over the registration of domains. Unless you are a client or a personal friend, Bill does not have anything to do with your domain so please do not write to him about it (and please do not call him at home about it!) He cannot help you, and due to the surprisingly large volume of requests, he probably will not answer your message.

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