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Bill’s suite of C++ courses, when taken together, represent the most comprehensive online C++ training available.

One of the most widely used languages for both systems and applications development, C++ is available for virtually every operating system. C++ has influenced and informed many derivative languages, including C# and Java. 

C++ Essential Training 2020 is a thorough introduction to the C++ language, updated for 2021. It covers the basic syntax of the language, data types, and the object model. This 2020 edition includes updated lessons, new challenges and exercises for each chapter and a final project at the end of the course. Topics include:

  • Statements and expressions
  • Variables
  • Primitive arrays and strings
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Data types
  • Operators
  • Functions
  • Classes and objects
  • Introduction to Templates
  • The Standard and Standard Template Libraries

C++ Templates and the STL, the second course in this series, begins with a more thorough coverage of templates. Understanding templates is essential to understanding the STL (Standard Template Library). This title’s topics include:

  • Template fundamentals
  • STL containers
  • Accessing iterators
  • Output, forward, and bidirectional iterators
  • The transform function
  • Transforming strings and types
  • Arithmetic, relational, and logical functions
  • STL algorithms

C++ Advanced Topics covers more in-depth aspects of the core language, and explores some of the more modern aspects of C++, from smart pointers to move semantics. Topics include:

  • Classes and objects
  • Constructors and conversion operators
  • Class inheritance
  • Smart pointers
  • Move semantics
  • Lambda syntax
  • The C preprocessor
  • Unit tests
  • Building a custom string library

SQL with C++ shows you how to leverage the power of SQL in C++.

  • Connect to a database
  • Perform simple queries
  • Read rows from a table
  • Update rows in a table
  • Use prepared statements
  • Use bind variables
  • Build a specialized application class

Taken together, this suite of courses represents the most comprehensive C++ training available online today. My hope is that you will gain understanding and practical skills from this training that you may apply to your own projects and career.

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