Bill’s SQL Courses

Bill’s courses SQL Essential Training and MySQL Essential Training are available on both the and Linkedin Learning platforms. This page has support files and other information about Bill’s SQL courses.

New MySQL (2019) Titles

My new MySQL titles for 2019 no longer require XAMPP. Please follow the instructions in MySQL Installation and Configuration to install and configure the MySQL Server and Workbench on your workstation.

My current MySQL titles include:

XAMPP Downloads

If you are taking one of my SQL courses on, please download XAMPP from this page, instead of from, according to the course you are taking:

If you are using Windows, please download this installer:

If you are using a Mac, please download this file:

Note Bene: The differences between these versions of XAMPP may be subtle, so if you want to follow along with the installation and be sure that the instructions work the same for you as they did for me in the videos, please use the file that corresponds to the course you are taking.

More explanation

All of my SQL courses, use the XAMPP package (from Apache Friends) for running the examples. For the purposes of this course, please download XAMPP from this page instead of the Apache Friends web site.

The good folks at Apache Friends update their packages frequently, and normally this would be a good thing. There have, however, been two unfortunate side effects of this otherwise exemplary behavior: 1) Some releases have introduced bugs that effect the lessons in the courses; and 2) The installation procedure has changed such that it becomes hard to follow the installation lessons.

My solution is this page. Please download the XAMPP installation files from here. This will ensure that you have an experience that matches that in the movies for the courses.

Note bene: If you are having trouble installing XAMPP, please make sure you are using an installer from this page before asking for help.

Other downloads

For the adventurous user who wants to install things independently, this is the latest version of SID, my SQL Interactive Demonstrator. This version includes support for MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL titles. If you are following one of my courses, PLEASE use the version included in the exercise files. I cannot offer any support for this version.

Other help

The help request form on or Linkedin Learning is designed to help you by collecting the necessary information as you submit your request. Please do not write to me directly for help with my courses. I am not able to provide support directly.

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