To all the sites that carp about my ad blocker

jumping carp

I understand your need to show ads that generate revenue to support your site. I will gladly disable my ad blocker for your site under the following conditions:

1. Take responsibility for the safety of the ads you display. This means managing your own ads instead of using an ad network. If you’re using an ad network, you cannot guarantee that your ads are safe and free of malware. All of the major ad networks have a problem with malware.

2. Promise to avoid deceptive ads with buttons and navigation elements that attempt to trick me into clicking on them when I’m just trying to use the content on your site. This includes ads that jump around the page.

3. Promise to never cover content with an ad that must be dismissed in order to access your site content.


I pay subscriptions for the few sites that I use the most, but it’s unreasonable to expect a consumer to pay hefty recurring fees for every site they occasionally visit from a social media link. On the other hand, it’s also unreasonable to expect your visitors to open their computers up to myriad unknown sources of deception and malware.

I use an ad blocker in order to protect myself and my equipment from those who would abuse my trust for nefarious purposes. It’s unfortunate that the mercenary practices of the online advertising industry have forced us to this impasse. Please support reforms in online advertising that address these serious issues.

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