Bony Moronie

This has always been my favorite Larry Williams song, and one of my top-ten fav ’50s rockers. I probably first heard it when Johnny Winter was playing it in the ’70s.

Bony Moronie – BEARHEART® Quarantine Project

I intended for this to be a big project and I used it to keep me distracted through the ups and downs of the latter half of 2020. I learned how to arrange for horns, I learned a new video editor, how to do green screen with multiple separate composite sources, I picked up drawing again after it’s been decades since I’ve drawn anything, and I learned to draw on an iPad. I’m incredibly grateful to have had the luxury of time and the relative safety to take this on. 

And I got to put my wife, Rose, in a video! (She’s been in one of my earlier videos too)

I hope this brings the world a bit of joy. 

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